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Separation technology of heavy metals in aluminum scrap

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Keywords: Separation technology of heavy metals in aluminum scrap

Scrap aluminum contains heavy metals such as copper. These metals are heavily polluted by oil contamination. It is difficult to separate heavy metals from waste aluminum by manual sorting. From the data reported at home and abroad, the research program mainly has the following aspects:

(1) The heavy medium beneficiation method uses heavy medium re-selection to sort out non-ferrous metals such as copper with a density greater than that of aluminum. It utilizes the principle that the density of aluminum is smaller than that of other heavy non-ferrous metals, and causes aluminum to float on the medium. Heavy heavy metal sinks at the bottom to achieve separation. But the key to technology is to screen a medium that has a density greater than aluminum but less than copper. This medium is by no means water or other liquids, certainly a fluid. When working, the fluid is reciprocating and aluminum scrap is separated on the medium.

(2) Parabolic ore dressing method The principle of using different objects with substantially the same volume to be dropped when the same force is thrown can separate various waste non-ferrous metals with different densities in the waste aluminum. When objects of different densities and substantially the same volume are ejected along a straight line with the same force, various objects move in the direction of the parabola, and the fall point when landing is different. The simplest experiment can be carried out on a horizontal conveyor belt. When the mixed waste material runs at a high speed along the conveyor belt on the conveyor belt, the waste aluminum alloy is thrown along the straight line when it runs to the end. Because the gravity of various wastes is different, they are different. Point to landing, so as to achieve the purpose of waste aluminum separation. This method can evenly separate aluminum scrap, scrap copper, lead waste and other wastes. Equipment manufactured under this principle has been adopted abroad and is currently in the research stage in China.

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