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Established in 2000, Jiangyin Jinque Chromatography Equipment Co., Ltd. (Jiangyin Jinque) is specializing in various chromatography column system. The products of Jiangyin Jinque are from medium and low pressure chromatography column system, extraction, concentration, drying and mixing equipments. Moreover, we have independent intellectual property rights.


With cooperation between our R&D team and major universities, many new products widely used have been continuously introduced to the market. Chromatography column system is mainly used in animal or plants products, intermediates, biochemistry and synthesis etc. It works well in separating effective parts, refining monomers and enrichment of rare metal etc. Our system is highly accept by domestic customers, our products are used by almost 800 companies and exported to Russia, Korea, Hong Kong and so on. Besides, other products of company are including storage tank, SM Concentration unit, extractor of essential oil, coning rotary evaporator, alcohol recovery tower etc.


The principle of Jiangyin Jinque: equality and mutual benefit, customer first, quality as foundation, to satisfy the demands from customers.

Product summary:

1. Resin column:

Glass and stainless steel combined column

Glass and polypropylene combined column

Stainless steel column

Steel lining column

2. Chromatography column:

2.1 Conventional chromatography column

2.1.1 Stainless steel chromatography column

2.1.2 Glass and stainless steel combined chromatography column

2.2 Low pressure chromatography column system (Short and heavy column)

2.3 Dynamic compression column

2.3.1 Dual cavity dynamic compression column

2.3.2 Axial dynamic compression column

2.3.3 chembox axial dynamic compression column

1. SM Concentration unit

2. Extractor of essential oil

3. Coning rotary evaporator

4. Alcohol recovery tower

5. Storage tank

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